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Strategy First Communications was launched in 2011, inspired by the simple idea of helping organizations short on time, resources and expertise produce better communications with a tangible link to business goals in order to achieve better business results. 

A seasoned communications professional with more than 30 years of experience in journalism, marketing, and internal/external communications across all mediums, I understand businesses have endless ideas yet limited resources to bring these ideas to life: it's part of every communications team's story!

I am a business-minded communicator understanding that time, budget and other factors legitimately impact communications options. At the same time, I am passionately committed to engaging with local, regional and global organizations and contributing to their business success regardless of their starting point and ensuring all audiences— including employees and clients, board members and end users, partners, product/service reps, vendors, prospects, media, industry organizations and other stakeholders—are given the right messages at the right time.

I have built my reputation around first learning my clients' businesses, industries, and key audiences and then creating the communications plan, tactics, and messages to best support them. Whether you need nuts-and-bolts directions for a customer implementing your products and services, thought-provoking messaging on a challenging industry issue, inspirational and appropriately paced talking points in a crisis, educational pieces, thought leadership that motivates change throughout an organization or an industry, or simple reminders or tips on best-practice approaches, I produce communications that make a difference for businesses. Let me make a difference for yours!


Shannon M. Coughlin

President, Strategy First Communications

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